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Horseboxes Poppe is specialized in building horse trucks for both professional and/or personal use.
You can also contact us for all parts and materials to complete your own horse truck.
We take care of your desired new construction, renovation, repair or alteration of
the entire body-building, the paintwork, decoration and equipment,
including all furniture and appliances.
We build or renovate any size, style and design according to your taste and budget.

Atlantic Masters Horsetrucks

The 2-horses truck for a safe and comfortable transport with a Driving license B.
A complete 2-horses truck with still several options including stallion performance,
double cabin for 6 people, sleeping above the cabin ...
and all other options are always negotiable.
In short, this building can be fully customized to your liking.
So you simply need to have a Driving license B for the transport of your horses.